Pulau Weh
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Pristine coral reefs and the common sighting of large marine animals attract visitors to this unspoiled tropical paradise. The currents around pulau Weh draw the big plankton feeders such as whale sharks and manta rays, with the former frequenting the area each January. Dolphin sightings, sometimes with pods numbering hundreds, are a common occurrence. Around and on pulau Weh are two protected areas: Rubiah sea garden (2,600 hectares) and Iboih recreation park (1,300 ha). A 350m wide channel separates pulau Weh from its reef-encircled sister island, pulau Rubiah.

Photos of coral reefs and sea turtles at pulau Weh, click to enlarge. All photos © Imtiaz Dharssi
Shoal of box fish Imtiaz snorkelling
Surgeon fish
Powder blue surgeon fish
Coral reef Gapang bay
Moorish idol
Chevron butterflyfish
pulau Weh pulau Weh
Lined butterflyfish
Trigger fish
Sea turtle

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Travel tips for Pulau Weh

Good Points about pulau Weh

  • Pristine coral reefs and great snorkelling.
  • Chance to view manta rays, whale sharks and dolphins.
  • Relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Bad Points about pulau Weh

  • Remote location, difficult to reach.
  • Facilities are basic.

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