Elephant safari at Jaldhapara rhino sanctuary

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baby elephant with mom Indian Rhinoceros

Jaldhapara (also spelled Jaldapara) is a little known Indian wildlife reserve that is rarely visited by travellers. However, the presence of around 50 highly endangered Indian one-horned rhinoceroses make this sanctuary very worthy of a visit. Situated close to Bhutan, Jaldhapara contains habitats of lush tropical river-rain forests and tracts of tall elephant grass along the banks of the river Torsa. As well as rhinos, Jaldhapara shelters tigers, wild elephants, deer, bison, wild boars and a variety of birds and other animals. Jaldhapara was established in 1941 and covers an area of about 120 sq km.

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There is a good chance of seeing the Indian rhino at Jaldhapara. If you are visiting Calcutta or Darjeeling then a detour here is worthwhile.

Photos of rhinos at Jaldhapara, click to enlarge.
All photos © Imtiaz Dharssi
Jaldhapara Safari Our transportation into the Jaldhapara jungle rhino
Jaldhapara Rhino running away at Jaldhapara

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