National parks and Hill stations

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National Parks

Ranthambore national park Ranthambore national park's `friendly' tigers have made it one of the most filmed wildlife reserves in the world. Tigers can be observed during full daylight, lazing about or hunting, and rarely shy from cameras and jeep-loads of tourists.

Mountains, Lakes and Hill Stations

Snow leopard cubs My main memory of Darjeeling hill station is the perpetual fog cover. The Snow Leopard breeding center nearby is interesting.


Naini Tal (lake) Naini Tal is an attractive hill station at 2000m above sea level in the Kumaon hills. The views of the Himalayas from nearby peaks are superb. Combing a trip to Naini Tal with a trip to Corbett national park is highly recommended.


Pulau WehPulau Weh. Common sightings of large marine animals and pristine coral reefs attract visitors to this unspoiled tropical paradise. The currents around pulau Weh draw the big plankton feeders such as whale sharks and manta rays.


Koh Phi Phi