Midnight Flyer computer game

Midnight Flyer: Intro

Midnight Flyer is a great game with many fantastic features, but it is also a complex game. This page is designed to help new players get started. The next section describes the game scenario. The following section is a step-by-step tutorial of the players actions on the first day.

If you haven't already downloaded Midnight Flyer, you can do so from the link above.

Midnight Flyer: Scenario

Doomdark the Witch king has woken from his slumber and the lands of Midnight are plunged into Winter. This Solstice is the peak of the Witch king's power and it is now that you must defeat him. The computer plays the role of Doomdark and pits his evil forces against you. A cold blast of fear emanates from the Citadel of Ushgarak, blowing across the Plains of Despair ever southwards to where you are busy marshalling troops. Victory for Doomdark is eliminating Luxor the Moonprince and Morkin, his son. Alternatively he can creep south into the peaceful land of the Free, striking at its figurehead of serenity and happiness - the Citadel of Xajorkith.

You, the player, take the role of Luxor the Moonprince, Lord of the Free. By virtue of the Moon Ring, which lends you the Power of Vision and the Power of Command, you can control other characters that are loyal to you, move them through the landscape of Midnight and look through their eyes. Some of these characters are simply individuals, others are commanders at the head of whole armies: when you move a commander, his army moves with him.

The game begins on the day of the Winter Solstice. Initially, you control Luxor the Moonprince, Morkin, Corleth the Fey and Rorthron the Wise. These characters all start the game at the Tower of the Moon in the Forest of Shadows. The game proceeds by day and by night. You can move your characters during the day, while Doomdark moves his forces at night.

During the day, you can move any or all of the characters you control and any armies that are with them. The distance a character can move in one day depends on the difficulty of the terrain and whether he is walking or riding. You must learn by experience precisely how far you can travel under given circumstances. When a character has exhausted his hours of daylight, night will fall for him and he will not be able to do any more until the following day. You can still, however, move other characters under your control.

Once you have moved all the characters you wish to, you must press the Night key, z. This lets nightfall everywhere and signals the start of activities for the forces of Doomdark. During the night, Doomdark will move his characters and armies across Midnight. Major battles also take place at night. Soon, however, a new day will dawn and you can command your characters afresh.

Scenario written by Mike Singleton, with minor modifications by myself.

click to enlarge: map of Midnight

Midnight Flyer: Tutorial

You begin the game with only four characters under your control. They are all located at the Tower of the Moon. In order to defeat Doomdark you must recruit more characters, especially those characters that command armies.

Morkin will travel north to recruit the Lord of Shadows, who stands in the forest of shadows.

Morkin and Shadows have used up their turns for this day, but your other characters have still to use their turns. Luxor will travel East-South-East to the keep of the Moon where he can recruit 200 riders.

Rorthorn the Wise will travel to the fortress of Blood to recruit the Lord of Blood.

Corleth the Fey will travel north. His is a dangerous mission as he hopes to reach Korinel the Fey in the forest of Kor. Corleth must travel through enemy territory and will need the help of Farflame the DragonLord, who is yet to be recruited.

You have now moved all the characters under your control. You must press the z key so that night can fall and Doomdark can move his forces. The night screen will give information about any major battles that have been fought, characters killed and forts captured. The next day, you will again be able to move all the characters under your control.