About this Web site

This web site has some characteristics of a Travel Guide and some characteristics of an Internet Directory. Below I explain the rationale and purpose for each set of web pages:

Travel Guide

There are already come very good travel guides, such as Lonely Planet and the Rough guide. But these guides attempt to be comprehensive and include brief details on many different places. In particular, these guides tend to concentrate on cities and give very little information on national parks and areas of natural beauty. My travel pages are designed to complement existing travel guides and fill in the gaps.

I have visited all the places described in my travel pages. These places are included because they are unique and special and because I enjoyed my stay and would like to return, one day. All the photos shown on my travel pages were taken with my compact zoom camera, except the underwater photos which were taken with a disposable camera.

The information provided on my travel pages comes from a variety of sources. Some information is from memory and personal experience, other information is from leaflets and brochures provided by local guesthouses and tourist offices. I have also used other Internet sites and books, particularly for dates and statistics. Where possible, I have given references to the source.

Internet Directory

I have written a set of directory pages, on topics that I am interested in, that allow me to more easily navigate the Web. There are existing Internet directories such as Yahoo and the Open directory. But these sites are often out of date and poorly maintained so that good sites are omitted and many links point to dead sites.

Final thoughts

I've written these Web pages to please myself and allow me to practice my Web page writing skills. I hope that other people find these pages interesting and useful. Please feel free to email comments.