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Jaldhapara wildlife sanctuary Jaldhapara is a little known wildlife reserve that is rarely visited. However, the presence of around 50 highly endangered rhinos make this sanctuary well worth a visit. Situated close to Bhutan, Jaldhapara contains habitats of lush tropical rain-forests and tracts of tall elephant grass along the banks of the river Torsa. As well as rhinos, Jaldhapara shelters tigers, wild elephants, deer, bison, wild boars and a variety of birds and other animals. Berastagi Berastagi's main attractions are its two active volcanoes, Sibayak and Sinabung. The countryside around Berastagi is the main fruit, vegetable and flower growing area for northern Sumatra and is famous for its passion fruit. To the south of Berastagi is Lake Toba and the impressive Sipiso-piso waterfall. Villages around Berastagi contain some fine examples of traditional Karo Batak architecture. Just ten minutes, by bus, from Berastagi is Tahura National Park, a small but pleasant area of jungle.
Jaisalmer Jaisalmer is the best place to visit in Rajasthan, much better than the other tourist hot-spots of Jaipur and Pushkar. A camel safari into the Thar desert is an experience not to be missed. After a day of riding on a camel you will realize just why camels are called the ships of the desert. The night-time desert sky is almost totally filled with stars and perfect for stargazing.

Corbett national park Corbett national park is the oldest wildlife reserve in India and the first to be included in Project Tiger. The highlight of any visit is an elephant-back safari into the jungles and grasslands looking for tiger or a herd of wild elephants. Bukit Lawang The tourist town of Bukit Lawang is the main access point for the magnificent rainforest of the Gunung Leuser national park. Up-stream of Bukit Lawang is the Orangutan rehabilitation center where young orphaned orangutans are taught to live in the wild. Twice-daily the young orangutans are fed a ration of bananas and milk. Tourists are only allowed to visit the rehabilitation center during feeding times.
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